Weightloss Program

The hCG Program

How does it work?

The low calorie diet and HCG work together to produce the highest weight-loss effect. Firstly, the diet regimen requires the person to consume very less food, as long as they are taking HCG injections. When there is no constant supply of glucose to the body, it starts looking for alternate sources of energy in the body. Fat is among the most preferred sources of energy for the body. It begins to convert the stored fat into energy that can be used by the body. The body simply begins to make use of all that energy that has been stored in the body in the form of fat.

But, there is a reason why body gives glucose the highest preference as an energy source. It provides more usable energy, in comparison to fat, when used in the same quantities. But, since our daily energy requirements are mostly fixed, using the same amount of fat as much glucose it used previously is not enough to provide the daily energy requirement.

That is why, the body consumes the body fat much faster, when it is on a low - calorie diet. This is where HCG comes into the picture. It dramatically speeds up the conversion of fat into usable energy. All that stored fat is churned out into useful energy, and the results will be very visible. Thus, HCG enables the body to meet all its energy requirements on a daily basis.

This is why, when people are following the HCG diet plan, they do not experience any fatigue or weakness for many weeks, until the fat in their body returns to normal levels.

Does This HCG product provide long-lasting results?

Our HCG is the purest form you will get. It is pharmaceutical strength injectable HCG, and therefore, its action is instantaneous. You already know that HCG converts fat into usable energy in the body. But, what you should know is that it does this in the healthiest way.

It resets your hypothalamus, which controls a variety of body functions. After months and years of overeating and obesity, your hypothalamus has adapted to your lifestyle. Therefore, it allows the accumulation of more and more fat in the body. By resetting your hypothalamus, HCG sets a new and healthy routine for your body. It directs the thyroid gland to operate at optimal levels. Much of the weight gain problem is either caused by abnormal thyroid function, or the weight gain itself causes the thyroid to function at abnormal levels. 

When the HCG resets the hypothalamus, the gland then begins to direct the thyroid gland to function at optimal levels. Once this happens, there will be no abnormal fat storage and weight gain observed. But, you have to understand that this only works if you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle once you have stopped taking HCG.

Otherwise, your hypothalamus and thyroid glands will again start ordering the body to accumulate more and more weight with time.

So, yes. Our product has long-lasting effects, which will continue to maintain your obesity-free health for a long time. But, it is only possible when you too maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself. Once your body starts accumulating fat, your hypothalamus gets the signal that more fat should be stored, which in turn sends the same signal to the thyroid, and the cycle continues. Our product breaks this cycle, and you only have to stick to a healthy regimen. No exercise or hard work needed, but encouraged.

Buying hCG from hCG Transformations

First thing first, you should know that there have been many copycat sellers in the market, who have been selling cheap rip-offs of the product that we sell. You can differentiate between them very easily. Ask any doctor, or a simple online research will tell you that a hormone is only effective when it is in the blood stream.

So, the products that you find in the market, which claim to be orally administered drops (Unless they're RX strength hCG drops), pellets, sprays, or in any form other than the pharmaceutically injectable form, are no feasible.

You should stay away from them. We completely understand if you have been cheated by fake products, and do not wish to subject yourself to the same pain again.

The reason why our product is so popular is because, it is based on completely scientific approach. Also, our product does not require you to exercise at all. Depending on which research you take into consideration, anywhere between 60 to 90 percent of the people who begin exercising to lose weight, quit within the first month. When there is such a high rate of failure in this, we do not wish to give you false hopes of weight-loss by suggesting any exercise to go with it.

What we suggest is very simple – low-calorie diet and regular HCG injections. So, you have fixed set of goals to compare your results with. That is a 1 pound loss per day in men, and half a pound in women. If you follow the diet regimen strictly and keep taking HCG injections on a regular basis as suggested, then you will notice results in no time at all.

Many of our competitors produce highly diluted product that is either completely ineffective, or they make use of a process that requires ingredients generally considered to be dangerous. While these dangerous ingredients are used in very low concentrations, which pose significant threat, causing your body to go into starvation mode with out the active hCG ingredient.  It goes without saying that we adhere to the strictest standards and protocols. So, your health and safety is guaranteed when followed correctly.

How long will I be on the hCG diet?

 The simple answer is – followed by Dr. Simeons protocol. Its a personal decision, between a minimum of 21 and a maximum of 42 days. Most of our customers are usually able to regain their perfect health within a matter of that time frame, by strictly following the diet and getting the HCG injections.

In some cases, when the person is in over weight or obese levels, it takes some more time. Which means doing more than one hCG round. They must complete Phases 1-4 before starting another Phase 2, 21-42 day round. People can calculate the time they have to take the hCG by multiplying the weight loss they wish to achieve.

Men can calculate it at an average rate of 1- 2 pounds per day; while for women, the average is about half a pound - 1 pound per day.

So, decide on how much weight you wish to lose, until you achieve it.
Frankly, when you are buying hCG from hCG Transformations, you don’t have to worry about the results. We have registered an unbelievable 99% customer satisfaction rate, over the years. So, stop thinking and order your hCG injections now.

Are there any side-effects of hCG?

Yes, there are many side-effects of HCG. They are improved sleep, increased energy, blood sugar stability, and reduction in the risk of a host of obesity-induced diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, osteoarthritis, and many others.

Of course, not all side-effects of HCG are good. Some people may experience temporary headaches, fatigue, constipation, or leg cramps.

But, on the overall, the positive effects of this revolutionary product far outweigh any negative side-effects it might pose.