hCG Phase 4 - Maintenance for life

hCG Phase 4 - Maintenance for life

Phase 4 of the hCG Diet is all about embracing the healthy lifestyle that is now a part of your life. If you have not been a follower of healthy diet previously, then now is the time to change your mindset.

However, after phase 3 ends, you will be in a much content and healthy place. You will definitely want to maintain it. You will not have junk food cravings now, like you used to have previously. You will not be feeling hungry all the time.

hCG Transformations makes sure that you are not left clueless. So, we will help you to understand what to do after you are done with the hCG Diet.

Now, in phase 4, you start reintroducing an exercise routine as well as introducing moderate carbs back into your diet. This does not mean that you can go binging on your favorite fast food. Your body has not seen this type of food for a long time now. So, you have to re-train your body to metabolize such foods. You will also slowly come to realize that your body is reacting in a different manner to different foods.

Once phase 4 ends, not only your choice of foods, but the manner in which you prepare them will change. Not only this, fresh items in the supermarket will appeal more to you than pre-packaged items.

The hCG Diet will do its job only when you maintain your healthy eating habits. Your body is bound to gain weight if you go out for a triple burger, fries and milkshake every other day. The body cannot maintain its weight on its own nor are these healthy choices.

The hCG Diet is not just a diet, but a complete lifestyle reversal. It is not a quick fix by any means.

After the hCG Diet is done with, make sure that you go for organic meats, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of carbohydrates. Keep your meal timings fixed and do snack on healthy foods. You should keep tweaking your diet depending on how active you are during the day. Do not remain hungry, Do not starve your body of nutrition!

The phase 4 is really a choice that you make after you have lost all the body fat due to the hCG Diet plan. We will tell you about all the food options available to you and how you should schedule them throughout the day.

As a customer, it is your choice to decide what food you want to eat and we will help you do so without gaining any of that difficult-to-lose fat back. So, the phase 4 essentially helps in taking away all the guess-work. It allows you to slip back slowly into a healthy lifestyle, without having to worry about weight gain.