hCG Phase 3 - Stabilization

hCG Phase 3 - Stabilization

So, you are now done with the phase 2 of the hCG diet. Congratulations!

If you have been able to sail through phase 2, then you have just lost all the extra fat that was stored in your body. The next stage is Phase 3, which most diets do not even consider.

This is essentially the stabilization phase. When you have reached the last day of administering hCG, it is important that you give yourself another 72 hours of the VLCD  before you start Phase 3. This will ensure that all the traces of hCG are metabolized in your body, before your calorie intake increases.

Phase 3 is where you are going to introduce more calories back into the diet, slowly. Guided for you is a calculation app to figure out your macros. This is going to allow the body to experience more calories and utilize them. Of course, you are also going to feel the difference as your body again learns to metabolize more calories and use them for different bodily functions. But, this time around, the body will do it more efficiently. Now, this does not mean that once the diet is complete, you are going to go back to your old unhealthy eating habits.

But, you are going to understand how to go back to a regular diet, but still keep the pounds off. This phase of the diet will continue for 3 weeks after the culmination of Phase 2.

So, a typical day in phase three will start with a breakfast, which will include a fat, protein, a vegetable or for some people, a Bulletproof coffee (1 TLBS Coconut oil/MCT Oil & 2-3 TLBS of Kerrygold butter, YUM) is sufficient. Sugars and starches are a complete no-no at this time. Still use Sweet Leaf Stevia.

For lunch, you are again going to have a fat, a protein, but this time around the serving will be larger. This will also take away your hunger, because the meat takes time to digest. Further, the meal will also contain vegetables like peppers, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, avocado and so on.

The calories taken during both breakfast and lunch will be used immediately. So, consuming carbohydrates during this active period is not a good idea. During Phase 3, the dinner should include again fat, meat and vegetables.

Now, there are certain must-dos during the Phase 3 of the hCG Diet. The most important thing to do is to weigh yourself every single day. The ideal weight will be within two pounds of the weight that you recorded at the time of taking your last hCG injection. If your weight has increased, then it is time to do a correction day, immediately.

In any case, do not go back to the 500-calorie diet, or even 1000 calories, because it is only going to make you feel tired and weak, this is important to reset your metabolism at very high calories and feed your body proper nutrition.