hCG Diet The 4 Phases

The hCG Diet is a well-known diet plan that has been tried by people across the globe to shed those extra pounds from their body. It is a pretty intense diet regimen and comes with a whole set of rules. There are a total of four phases that make up the diet plan. Each phase has been carefully designed to train the body to metabolize efficiently, and keep away from storing layers of fat in the body.

hCG Transformations will help you follow through each phase, so that you are able to get the most out of the diet plan. The four phases that constitute the hCG Diet are as follows:

Phase 1 One - Loading

hCG Phase 1 Loading

Phase 1: Loading, gorging, and binge eating for proper fat storage while injecting hCG in the body.

This is quite an interesting phase of the diet that you are bound to enjoy. This phase requires the dieter to eat as much as they can, for real. This is not eating healthy foods to satiate hunger. In fact, this phase of the hCG Diet requires you to eat food rich in fats.

Everything from butter, oil, cheeses, avocados, burgers, nuts, fatty meats is to be enjoyed in the first two days of the diet. Also, this is the time to start taking the hCG shots. hCG should be taken at a fixed time and that should be maintained throughout phase 1 and phase 2.


 Phase 2 Two - VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)


hCG Phase 2

Phase 2: the fats are completely eliminated from the diet. The hCG shots continue during this phase as well and their schedule remains the same as before.

The 500 calories have to be consumed by eating a prescribed set of meats and vegetables, 2 fruits and 2 melbas per day. Nothing else.

The length of the phase depends on the weight loss you wish to achieve. If you are looking at losing 15-20 pounds, then you should go through the entire 40-day plan. Otherwise, you can curtail it, with a minimum of 21 days.


Phase 3 Three - Stabilization



No carbohydrates, no starches!

This phase is 3 weeks (21 days) long and focuses on maintaining the weight that has been lost during the period of the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).

This is a VITAL step that must be followed closely to set in your new body weight. The hCG shots are no more required and  fats are also introduced in the diet now. However, still no starches or sugars should appear in your diet (Including fructose).

This is a crucial period and if the weight deviates more than 2 pounds from the weight on the last day of the hCG shot, then the consumption of food has to be tweaked accordingly by doing a "correction day".


Phase 4 Four - Maintenance


hCG Phase 4

Introducing new foods and learning to eat healthy. This phase is about welcoming a new and healthy lifestyle. You will be slowly going back to a adding "healthy Carbs" that has everything from fats, proteins, veggies and carbohydrates.

However, this phase demands that you remain committed to a healthy living and change your habits for your own well-being. Now is also a tine to introduce a fitness program as well as this will help your body to continue to efficiently burn calories and keeps you from regaining those lost pounds and maintaining your new beautiful set weight.