hCG & Vitamin B for maxium fat /weightloss

Here at the Weightloss Transformation Center we are committed to helping you transform into a new you.

Lose up to 1lb. per day with this step-by-step Medical weight loss system.

Have you been suffering from a severe case of weight gain?

Tried MANY diets ... and failed?

Have you been advised by your doctor to lose weight, or else face dire health consequences?

How about have you been considering some type of weight loss surgery, like a gastric bypass?

Whatever your reasons are for losing weight, one thing that you may have noticed is the endless number of supplements, medicines, and alternative medicine hacks that are plaguing the market.

Most of them claim to have some miracle formula, Of course, many of them do not usually pose any health risk, but they have none of the weight-loss properties that their sellers claim, not are people able to maintain their weight loss.

But, this kind of fraud and trickery has left the consumers in a state of doubt, and made them cynical about those products, who have been tested and known to actually work.

This is where you get the purest and most potent form of this revolutionary supplement.

A Real Weight-loss tool.

hCG is a true weight-loss supplement known to the medical field. Perhaps, the reason for its immense success as a weight-loss medicine, has to do with the fact that it is not something that was invented in a lab. It occurs naturally, in the placenta of the mother, when she is pregnant with the baby.

hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone produced by the mother to help the baby to grow in the womb. Since it is produced naturally, and used for the growth of the baby, it is completely safe to use, and is very powerful in its effects.

However, there is a catch here: Many retailers of hCG sell it in the form of pellets, sprays, drops, and patches.

Which may be ineffective for some with weight loss as well as hunger pangs, dizzy spells and hair loss may be a side effect with non Rx strength hCG.

That is because hCG is a hormone. It's most potent and works best when it is injected into the bloodstream.

When ingested by any other means, it breaks down differently once the hCG has hit oxygen and and as a result, the body may go into starvation mode due to lack of potent hCG, some do not have any weight-loss results.

Therefore, hCG should be used only in its pharmaceutical strength injectable form. This way, it goes straight to the blood, and delivers its effects in no time.

In fact, many of the supplements offered by our competitors have even been found not to contain any hCG at all.

Weight loss Transformation Center is a reputed company that has built its name by providing only high grade, pharmaceutical strength, quality hCG.

How much weight can you lose with hCG?

hCG is so powerful that it can help men lose as much as 1 pound of fat per day for as many days as it is taken. In case of women, they can lose up to half a pound fat per day with the help of this clinically tested hormone.

The credit for discovering its weight loss effects goes to Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who was a British physician. He was working in Rome in the 1950s, when he discovered, quite by accident, that the patients he treated with hCG, were experience significant weight loss. In fact, their weight loss was out of charts, and he has never seen anything like it.

This stoked his interest, and he conducted numerous iterations to arrive at a perfect combination of low-calorie diet and hCG injections. If these protocols are followed precisely, then anyone, no matter how obese they are, can experience weight loss in an unprecedented manner.

However, as with all medicines, prescriptions and diets, hCG is only as effective as the regimen that the person using it is following. If people follow an intermittent regimen, then they will not notice the desired results. Everything has to go perfectly, like a well-oiled machine. Because the body has to get used to the new regimen, the results are instantaneous in some cases, but most of our customers notice huge results in less than a week. Then, they begin to lose as much as half a pound of fat, in case of women, and a whole pound of the same in case of men.